New Year... Where did it go!?

I can hardly believe it's already February.... I haven't updated in quite sometime. Then again, when does one have time to do such things? Well let's start with where I've been... Las Vegas, NV. Eventually I'll put whatever pictures didn't turn out insane up on my site.

Had a decent amount of fun in Vegas. I'd never been before, so it's always good to try new things I suppose. Went to Ceasar's Palace where they have all the designer stores lined up just like Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. Odd, but interesting enough. Went and saw The Blue Man Group @ The Blue Man Theatre, which was actually a lot of fun despite my speculations. The hotel was pretty nice as well. Stayed @ The Flamingo Hilton which the only drawback I can think of was slow valet and the fact that yes, the hotel is indeed pink. However, you could see the Bellagio in plain sight across the street as well as their fountain show... for free without leaving your room. Did a ton of other things I can't really recall from the top of my head. I was there for New Years Eve, which was insane. Walked the strip, went to have dinner @ Rio which was v. nice, and ordered up a bottle of vodka and a bottle of Bailey's to ring in 2007 with fireworks going off on the tops of all the casinos, which set everything shaking.

That's about the only interesting thing I can think of to write about for the time being. More when I'm not so tired I suppose. Night all!