Movies, Cabs, & Hotels

So, New York. Some machinimators have waited all year for this event, and the turn out is excellent. I'm so thrilled to be back in New York after so long. There is always a familiar aura easily sensed when I'm here. This city just always gives me goosebumps. It's big enough to immerse you in culture, art, and inspiration... yet it's small enough to feel like a home away from home if you know the right places.

My hotel is incredible. Much better than the hole in the corridor I stayed in during my last visit. Thus far, I've kicked myself in the behind for not reading up on the Machinimator's dinner on Friday night. Another night here wouldn't have been too tragic of a change in my plans. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get over it.

I was stuck in my room hosting the WoW Radio Show, "User Interface" this morning. Sadly I missed a few of the screenings for the nominees, but I did make it down for the later panel discussions on techinical Machinima. Really enjoying the fact that this rental laptop hates my World of Warcraft, but loves Second Life. Wonder what the Linden guys talked this laptop into when I wasn't looking... hrmm...

Well, so yeah... the winners of this year's Mackies. Definate grats to Jason Choi. Also special grats to Paul Rice as well. I'm glad your wife didn't leave you either. ;) I must say, that one of the best highlights of the entire evening was the "Girl who Knows a Thing or Two about Games". Her quips were pretty entertaining.

Must get some sleep. I plan on doing some museum hopping in the morning before heading back to Astoria.