Deus Ex Machinima Interviews Overman

Listen in live to Deus Ex Machinima, Thursday, April 12th @ 2PM EST/7PM GMT as I harass Phil "Overman" Rice on the air about his latest accomplishments in machinima. We'll also be covering the top machinima films of the week, contests & awards, and of course... our own Gamer's Choice Machinima Award will be given out to the highest rated machinima film.

Rufus Cubed Interview Archive Available

If you missed the live show, listen back to the archive, now available at WoW Radio. Linkage to follow: Deus Ex Machinima Interviews Rufus Cubed


Rufus Cubed "Returns" to WoW Radio

Catch an exclusive interview with Terran Gregory & Ezra Ferguson on WoW Radio's "Deus Ex Machinima" hosted by Eriyanna (me) on March 29th; 2PM EST / 7PM GMT. The show will also feature the week's Gamer's Choice Machinima as well as segments featuring the talents of Brandon M. Dennis (Oxhorn; Inventing Swear Words).


Deus Ex Machinima

On the 29th of March, my new machinima live show & podcast will be debuting with content provided by machinimators the world over. WoW Radio is graciously hosting my weekly show, which is dedicated to reviews for machinima in all mediums, how-to guides for beginners, and taking an in-depth look at one featured movie, company, director, etc. per episode.

Now, why am I blogging this? Simple... most of the people who are in my blog list, are all machinimators themselves. I'm inviting anyone who credibly directs, produces, voice acts, or does editing for machinima to be a guest on my show. It's not limited to any specific gaming environment, and I think this will give some of the companies in the community a nice little podium to promote their movies as well. So, if you are interested in being harassed by me on air or promoting your recent work of genius, or want to give everyone an insight to a past project, please email me: Eriyanna[at]Myndflame[dot]com.

Also, as part of my show, I will be hosting a Gamer's Choice Machinima weekly honour for the fan-voted top movie of each week. That video will go head to head with the following week's winner. So in essence, a movie that is well-produced and released could maintain the Gamer's Choice Machinima Award for several weeks. Now what does that mean for you, the machinimator? It means you get featured on our website, get a very shiny new award graphic to place on your website, as well as some free promotion.. and everyone likes free promotion!

The show, "Deus Ex Machinima" aka DxM will be airing weekly on Thursdays @ 2pm EST / 7pm GMT on WoW Radio.


New Year... Where did it go!?

I can hardly believe it's already February.... I haven't updated in quite sometime. Then again, when does one have time to do such things? Well let's start with where I've been... Las Vegas, NV. Eventually I'll put whatever pictures didn't turn out insane up on my site.

Had a decent amount of fun in Vegas. I'd never been before, so it's always good to try new things I suppose. Went to Ceasar's Palace where they have all the designer stores lined up just like Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. Odd, but interesting enough. Went and saw The Blue Man Group @ The Blue Man Theatre, which was actually a lot of fun despite my speculations. The hotel was pretty nice as well. Stayed @ The Flamingo Hilton which the only drawback I can think of was slow valet and the fact that yes, the hotel is indeed pink. However, you could see the Bellagio in plain sight across the street as well as their fountain show... for free without leaving your room. Did a ton of other things I can't really recall from the top of my head. I was there for New Years Eve, which was insane. Walked the strip, went to have dinner @ Rio which was v. nice, and ordered up a bottle of vodka and a bottle of Bailey's to ring in 2007 with fireworks going off on the tops of all the casinos, which set everything shaking.

That's about the only interesting thing I can think of to write about for the time being. More when I'm not so tired I suppose. Night all!